Charlotte Yonga takes a close look at individuals and territories.
Her approach, imbued with dramaturgy, inherits a certain documentary tradition and is crossed by issues related to the notion of individuality subject to relocation and North-South cross-gazing.
The subjects she represents, most of the time "ordinary" people captured
in characteristic contexts, are at the center of attention and face the viewer. They display singular attitudes, modest and sovereign, introspective or rebellious. In an alchemy that summons reality, strength and fragility, Charlotte reveals tangible personalities grasped in their complexities.

Charlotte Yonga's work has been exhibited at the Lobot Gallery in Oakland, California, the Festival Circulations, the Videoformes Festival, the Museum of Natural History of Le Havre and at Paris Photo, recently at the Bandjoun Station in Cameroon, M.Bassy Hamburg and LagosPhoto Festival in Nigeria. She is represented by Bounce Rocks in Brussels.